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Galco 1 ½” Wide Dress Holster Belt – 46” Length

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Item Number: SB3-46B
Manufacturer: Galco
Manufacturer Part No: SB3-46B

Unlike typical pants belts, all Galco holster belts are designed to carry the weight of a handgun. Galco belts are built for comfort, utility, and action, and will retain their handsome good looks through years of honest use.


Galco uses only top-quality leather for their belts: premium grade, full-grain, vegetable-tanned steer hide, grown and tanned in the USA. Vegetable tanning involves only non-hazardous organic materials, unlike other methods that use heavy metals.


Galco dress holster belts are individually handmade. Galco aligns the grain of the top and lining of each belt. The stitching adds dimensional stability and has the distinctive look achieved only by skilled operators on harness stitch machines almost 100 years old. Galco step-skives the edges of their dress belts, and the edges of all Galco belts are dyed, burnished, polished, and sealed to a luster that exemplifies Galco’s craftsmanship.


Most belts curve to fit your body contour over time, but a belt engineered to be stable under a handgun’s weight resists molding. Galco’s Contoured belts are the ultimate solution. They are cut on a full contour, requiring more leather and labor, but for those who want stability plus immediate comfort and fit, it’s worth it.


Galco avoids painted coatings or heavily pigmented dyes. Instead, we use aniline dyes, which penetrate the leather’s grain, imparting deep, transparent, permanent hues that resist abrasion without obscuring the natural variegations that make each piece of unpainted leather truly unique.


Galco fits solid cast brass buckles to its belts for superior durability, precision fit, and classic style. Some buckles are nickel plated to provide a contemporary look.



Keep in mind: If you will be wearing a holster and/or magazine carrier inside the pants, you may need to add 2 more inches.