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DeSantis Pocket Shot Ambidextrous Holster – Kahr, Ruger, Taurus, Colt, Sig Sauer

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Item Number: 110BJR7Z0
Manufacturer: DeSantis
Manufacturer Part No: 792695310198

The DeSantis Pocket Shot is the latest way to conceal and rapidly access your small auto. The #110 disguises itself as a wallet but can be brought into action instantly without removing the gun. It's made premium leather and is ambidextrous.  The DeSantis #110 has been evaluated and found to be completely legal by the ATF. The fact that it does not cover the slide keeps it legal without having to go through Any Other Weapon (AOW) paperwork.  This holster is not legal in California. 


·         Fabricated from high quality black leather

·         Pocket carry

·         Ergonomic design eliminates gun “printing”

·         No need to remove holster to use your weapon

·         Ambidextrous – use right or left hand draw

·         Lightweight and durable

·         Free Shipping!

·         Made in the USA!


Gun fitment includes:

·         Colt Mustang, Pony & Pocketlite

·         Kahr P380

·         Ruger LCP .380

·         Sig Sauer P238

·         Taurus 738 TCP