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Backup Tactical Custom CNC Machined 1/2"x28 Thread Protectors – Molon Labe - FDE

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Item Number: MOLABE-FDE
Manufacturer: Backup Tactical
Manufacturer Part No: 855909004525
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Backup Tactical’s thread protectors are constructed from the strongest firearms grade aluminum alloy. This alloy is not only strong, but it's light weight to keep unwanted ounces off your gun. Each individual Thread Protector is machined using the absolute latest CNC machines and techniques and is designed to protect your 1/2x28 threaded barrel and also enhance the appearance of your firearm.


·         CNC machined from high grade aluminum alloy

·         1/2"x28 thread fits most pistol threaded barrels

·         Made in the U.S.A.

·         Free Shipping on this item!